About Us

Barry Bryan Associates, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers (BBA) was founded in 1985 by local Architects and Engineers to specialize in innovative Building Architecture, Structural Engineering, Heritage Consulting, and Project Implementation. BBA’s successful practice has grown through the efforts of motivated and dedicated professionals working closely with clients to develop high quality, cost effective design and construction. As a multi‐disciplined team of design professionals, we are driven to strive for solutions that extend creative boundaries and seek new ways to challenge the conventions. We don’t focus our talents into a single sector, but use the depth of our capabilities across a wide range of projects to enhance our ability to provide cross-functional thinking.

“At Barry Bryan Associates we believe that the true measure of success is defined by achieving highest degree of quality and greatest positive impact.”


ISO 9001 Certification

In April 2001, BBA achieved the status of being registered as an ISO 9001 Corporation. At that time, no other architectural firm in all of Canada had this designation. Simply stated, the ISO 9001 designation is given to companies that comply with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. In essence, it is a documented Quality Management System that is used as a “tool” to standardize the process that a project goes through from start to finish. It covers the company’s requirements for such things as contracts, design reviews, sub‐consultant hiring, customer satisfaction and the auditing of the system itself. It is monitored and maintained by the management of the company.


Project Locations


“Barry Bryan Associates takes pride in completing projects all over Ontario. We strive to expand our practice and engage in complex work in different regions and cities.”